Volunteering with PHAZE FM is a great way to learn new skills, gain industry experience and meet new friends. Many of our past volunteers have used their time with us in announcing and audio production roles to lead to fulltime successful media careers with commercial media companies around the country! We have multiple roles available, including:

This is a position for those who have the gift of the gab and want to share their voice with the world! for more information on hosting a program, email production@phazern.com.au

Social Media
Those of you who can search Facebook like a pro, write the wittiest content in less than 140 characters on Twitter, and know which filter to apply for the most glamorous Instagram picture should join our awesome Social Media team! You’ll get great hands on experience in promotions and digital content creation to help with your career AND get you industry insight and contacts.

Video Makers/YouTube writers
If you’re interested in applying all the best camera angles you’ve learned from great filmmakers, why not try out your directorial and editing skills with PHAZE RN? Whether we’re at an outdoor event or just doing something crazy stuff around the studio, this is great way to showcase your skills and share with thousands of our social media followers and volunteers.

Music Team
Our music playlist is 100% created by you, but we don’t always have your favorite bands music? Why not get involved in our music team! You will be responsible for researching the latest music from local talent to chart hits, editing audio and loading new music into our playlists. If your friends have ever told you how awesome that iTunes playlist you created for their party was, then come and put those skills to the test with PHAZE RNand have that playlist heard by all of Brisbane and the world.

You just can’t beat original! PHAZE RN take’s pride in it’s original sponsor messages, sweepers, and promos that can be written by talented individuals like you! If you’re a creative person with more creative ideas than you know what to do with, consider becoming a scriptwriter with Brisbane Youth Radio, where your writing will be produced and broadcast for all to hear! All the content you create will build up your digital portfolio and you will learn professional writing techniques, tips, and tricks along the way.

Audio Producer/Engineer
Whether your a whizz and a guru with Protools or Audution or a novice just learning what both of those words even mean, if you’ve got creativity and love playing with audio then this is just for you. We always need new sweepers, promos and sponsor messages produced. You’ll learn how to produce imaging and put a radio ad together and build your digital portfolio.